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We offer different services to help you get set up for success.

Responsive Design

We can create for you custom responsive designs, to be different. To promote your expertise and your products, without looking the same with the mass of companies.

Web Development

To develop online solution for your business is what we like to do. But we mostly enjoy to see you thrive.


We host a small number of websites on each of our dedicated servers, to secure that you are getting the most of their horse power. We take daily backups and make sure everything is secure.

SEO Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization will help drive traffic your way. It starts with the structure of your website, the load times and many other factors, that we have the tricks to rule them all.

Continuous Support

When the development finishes we do not leave you high and dry. We keep on supporting your needs, from the smallest things to the biggest. When you have a problem, is our problem.

Facebook Applications

Our experience cooperating with Digital Agencies makes us the ideal partner for the development of your next application on the biggest social network of the world.


You want to start selling online your products, and you want someone to help you find the best solution? It is time to talk with us, and start building your online step for your business.

Photo & Video shooting

We work closely with experienced photographers to support you and your content with professional photographs. We can capture from your gourmet plates, to your event from a height of 20 meters.


We are proud for what we do, and we would like to show you why!

Savoir Ville

Responsive Design & Development

Plaza Catering

Website Development

Plaza Polyxoros

Website Development

Pites Zafirakis

Website Development

Pame Bolta

Responsive Design & Development


Website Design & Development


Website Design & Development

All About Music

Web Development


Web Development

We to use

The plethora of the technologies we love to use, give us the flexibility to adapt the best solution for your needs!


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